Autumn 5% discount

September 2, 2021

The beauty of autumn enchants everyone with its falling golden leaves. The summer heat passed to the Autumn Tranquility. It’s time to get ready for winter and immerse yourself in seriousness. You will find impressive aromas of solidity and firmness on the website. Make your favorite tea, sit in a comfortable chair and watch the falling golden leaves. To make it easier to choose a solid scent, gives you an autumn 5% discount.

Rules for receiving and using the 5% discount coupon:

Each customer has the opportunity to receive a 5% discount once a year for the autumn period of the year. Also, everyone can send a 5% discount coupon as a gift to their friends, who can also take advantage of the coupon once a year. You can get and use the discount code on any of the 90 fall days.

The discount coupon code can be copied below:


In the content of the article you will find a QR code that leads to a page with a description of the discount.

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