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Hi guys. We are a young team from different parts of Europe. We are united by many interests, but the main thing is love for beauty. It is a love for the beauty and culture of France and Paris. We talk about it all the time, that’s why we call ourselves “” (from French mon parle – my conversation). We constantly talk with each other and site visitors to find, select and place exactly those products that interest you the most. If you share our love with us, you are welcome. Search and shop with us. Send links to the products and prices that you want to see with us.

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We work on our services and quality of work every day. Website speed as well as delivery speed are our top priorities. Even during the period of restrictions, closed borders and quarantine, we try to strive for maximum results. If the goods you ordered will be delivered for more than two weeks, you will receive a wonderful gift. If you are a representative of a logistics company, we are waiting for you. If you can recommend a fast and high-quality delivery service to your country or city, we would be grateful for the information.

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We do our best to make our site as convenient and mobile as possible. You can order from us from your mobile or tablet when you hang out with friends in the club or lie on the beach. Making any purchase is easy, even on a mobile phone. You just need to go to . But if you are comfortable you can use your PC / Mac. Also, in the near future, applications of our store of goods for beauty and beautiful life will be available in the Google store or the App Store.

Partners and friends

Friends, we invite everyone who is inspired by the love of beauty to make the world more beautiful with us. If you are a Cosmetologist, Hairdresser, Nutritionist, Fitness Trainer, Psychologist, or just love people and also work in the field of beauty, we invite you to become our partners. If you are an influencer and cover the latest trends on the web, welcome to contact us. You can find the details of our affiliate program in your personal account and on the pages of the affiliate documentation. You will be able to earn money doing your favorite thing with us.

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