GUESS Seductive 50 ml


​The new GUESS Seductive Homme fragrance, ultra-sexy, created for a confident, seductive, free and refined man. Her most precious weapons: her charm and her perfume.

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GUESS Seductive 50 ml

Brand: GUESS, Series: Seductive, Model: Homme, Gender: Men

GUESS Seductive 50 ml

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Guess Seductive Homme Eau de Toilette (EDT)

Guess is an American brand that likes to create products that are always very elegant while being very seductive. Nevertheless, most of his creations are intended for the fairer sex. However, this time it is the man who is put forward. Guess Seductive Homme portrays the image of a confident, seductive, free and refined seducer. The latter seems to make romantic feelings a most thrilling game. Her charm seems unmatched and is unquestionably her most valuable weapon.

According to Paul Marciano, President and CEO of Guess, Guess Seductive Homme is an “exciting launch for the brand, which will retain [their] current customers and recruit new consumers”. The image of this sensual man is then embodied by the model Luca Loy. This Italian model displays dark charm and was photographed by the expert eye of fashion photographer Alix Malka..

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Guess Seductive Men’s very elaborated recipe

Seductive, Manly, Sensual

In order to create this unique fragrance for men, Guess has surrounded himself with two perfumers, namely Frank Voelkl and Ilias Ermenidis. Both kicked off its scent with a combination of vitalizing citrus fruits. Guess Seductive Homme thus contains cardamom and mandarin pulp. What’s more, these tangy ingredients are paired with a hint of pink pepper.

Thus, Guess Seductive Homme is a gentleman who does not lack character. Then, it evolves towards a heart of very masculine elegance. Its refinement translates into scents of vanilla orchid associated with the more powdery and green tones of crumpled violet leaves. Vetiver, on the other hand, helps strengthen his virility. Moreover, it continues at the level of its wake. This one is full of typically masculine ingredients such as sandalwood, patchouli or amber. Musk also helps to make the whole thing more sensual. Finally, note that its bottle is just as refined as its scent. This forms a thick block of glass resting on a solid base. Its transparency lets us glimpse its gray tint. Its sobriety is further enhanced by its heavy matte black cabochon. Likewise, these two elements are separated by a thick brushed steel border on which is affixed the name of the brand.

Do not use any bleach
Hand wash normal (30°)
Low temperature ironing
Do not dry clean
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Seduction to the male

​The new GUESS Seductive Homme fragrance, ultra-sexy, created for a confident, seductive, free and refined man. Her most precious weapons: her charm and her perfume; it captivates women, it is irresistible. The GUESS brand has long unveiled seductive and tempting women; the GUESS Seductive man is the supreme seducer. The Seductive Guess Man is seductive and playful. He is sure of himself, irresistible and mysterious. His most precious weapons? His charm. A woody oriental fern Surprising top notes: Spicy cardamom, invigorating mandarin pulp and exotic pink pepper. A tender heart: Vanilla orchid, violet leaves and vetiver. A bewitching base: Amberwood, sandalwood, patchouli and carnal musk.

Notes: Cardamom, Mandarin, Pink Pepper, Orchid, Vanilla, Violet Leaves, Vetiver, Amberwood, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Musk..